Gerhard Moolman Fine Jewellery presents the
NEW Spring-loaded Push clip-over ring clasp
for the Perfect Ring Fit.

If you have found it difficult to wear your favorite rings or haven’t purchased that new ring you want due to the problems associated with ring size and finger joint swelling, Gerhard Moolman Fine Jewellers can create a new ring or re-fit an existing ring with a Push & Clip Fitting.

The Challenge

Sizing a ring to pass over an enlarged knuckle is not a satisfactory solution. This is because the ring will be very loose at the point where it’s worn. The excess space will allow the ring to turn on the finger in a very unattractive manner. In addition to this, the turning and constant correction of its position will become very uncomfortable and annoying. Some customers, in desperation, try a smaller size and resort to focing it over the joint.

However, removing tight rings from swollen fingers can cause severe pain depending on the advancement of arthritis and finger joint swelling. If the ring is not removed over time, it may become “trapped” on your finger.

Our Solution

Let Us help you solve this problem once and for all so you can wear your cherished items again!